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  • *All courses are HRDF approved.
  • All courses are SBL-Khas claimable.
  • All courses come with RM300 voucher on Mobiweb products.
  • ** A class of 9-15 participants will be followed by a Lucky Draw at the end of each course. An iPhone 7 128GB is up for grabs at each Lucky Draw.
  • Please enquire for course dates in Johor & Kuala Lumpur

Course Objectives

  • Learn to communicate more effective on the phone while making or receiving calls. While making a call for getting information, arranging to meet, leaving a message and providing feedback are important that it is done professionally.
  • Learn to take a call is even more crucial and we will cover areas of taking a message, handling feedback, providing support while always leaving the impression to the caller that you are friendly and polite.
  • Provide a good overview for a call center environment.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Converse effectively with the right pronunciation, speed and clarity over the telephone with either a customer, vendor, colleague or friend.
  • Essential skills in telephone etiquette and able to communicate, taking or leaving a message, established a reason for the call, asking the caller for repetition or clarifying and ending a call.
  • Make everyday phone calls like booking a hotel, restaurant and transport. How to respond to any caller that have a telephone or line problem, recording a voicemail using phone menus.
  • Utilized telephone skills to make a phone call more pleasant and productive like sounding friendly and polite with small talk. Telephone manner is important even if the call is informal or formal.
  • Skills in calls with a customer /colleague in making appointments, inviting people or even confirming an arrangement. Making or apart of a conference call on how to communicate.
  • Making a commercial phone call like placing an order or solving problems are express in this course. Handling feedback and provide feedback with selling skills on the phone are covered.
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  1. :

    I was very satisfied that I decided to partake in this Telephone English course as I can know see how much I need to improve while at the same time answered my longtime questions why we use “enquire” or “inquire”. Had lots of fun and laughter during the role play. Highly recommended course for people who use the telephone daily.

  2. :

    The course was lively and enjoyed it very much. A lot of practice and role play with very energetic participants help to overcome my reservation about this course. Very practical explanation of the topic and I’ll surely encourage you to try out this Telephone English course.

  3. :

    The Telephone English course was fun and I had an enjoyable time with the participants. The trainers deliver the course well. From the practices and role plays I learned much better way to improvise on communicating with other people on telephone.

  4. :

    The course was great! Very entertaining and enjoyable along the training. Also got a lot of practice depends on situation, and great teamwork by all participants during training. Very practical explanation of the topic by the trainer, and I’ll encourage you to try out this Telephone English course to help you improve your self when communicate with others.

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