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  • *All courses are HRDF approved.
  • All courses are SBL-Khas claimable.
  • All courses come with RM300 voucher on Mobiweb products.
  • ** A class of 9-15 participants will be followed by a Lucky Draw at the end of each course. An iPhone 7 128GB is up for grabs at each Lucky Draw.
  • Please enquire for course dates in Johor & Kuala Lumpur

Course Objectives

  • In a modern world where open source application is popular, there is a free and comprehensive software for regular office needs.
  • LibreOffice can be used in any corporate or academic to replace Microsoft Office.
  • This course is to introduce computer users to LibreOffice and to demonstrate features inside LibreOffice for users to benefits from it.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Use LibreOffice with it’s powerful office suite – it’s clean interface and feature-rich tools help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity.
  • Writer has all the features you need from a modern, full-featured word processing and desktop publishing tool. It’s simple enough for a quick memo, but powerful enough to create complete books with contents, diagrams, indexes and more.
  • Calc is the spreadsheet program you’ve always needed. Newcomers find it intuitive and easy to learn, while professional data miners appreciate the comprehensive range of advanced functions.
  • Impress is a truly outstanding tool for creating effective multimedia presentation. Creating ad editing slides is very versatile, thanks to different editing and view modes.
  • Draw lets you produce anything from a quick sketch to a complex plan and gives you the means to communicate with graphics and diagrams.
  • Math is LibreOffice’s formula editor and can be invoke in your text document, spreadsheets, presentation and drawing, enabling you to insert perfectly formatted mathematical and scientific formulas.
  • LibreOffice includes the ability to create and embed charts. Their style, colour and size can be customized in a broad variety of ways.
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