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The task of writing a business plan is a daunting one that most entrepreneurs and business men and women skip. This is detrimental to the growth and direction of the business and ultimately results in a waste of time, resources and finance besides ensuring all participating a one way ticket towards failure.

Despite knowing this, there are still so many that decide to avoid writing a plan. We know this and have made it our mission to get everyone on board, to not just understand the importance of writing a business plan and of planning your business, but we also went a step further to include steps, tips and tricks to make your business plan one that would attract investors.

This introductory course is a short one and a route towards a longer more comprehensive course that will guarantee a winning business plan that will attract many investors and ensure you win the pitch.

Here’s a little more about the course:

About the Presenter
Course Overview
The Outcome

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The course is currently offered at our Kuala Lumpur and Penang branches. Prior booking is necessary. Courses are HRDF Claimable under the SBL-Khas program.